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6 Things Recruiters Look For In Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and the site was first launched in May 2003. It is one of the most effective platforms to network professionally till date. Today, LinkedIn is a public company with a firm grip on business and going stronger than ever.

Here are some fun facts:
  • As of JAN 2018 LinkedIn has 500+ Million Users
  • 40% of those use LinkedIn everyday
  • 40 million students and recent college graduates are on LinkedIn
  • There are 57% of male users and 44% female users on Linkedin
  • After US, India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada has the highest number of Linkedin users
  • 44% of Linked users earn more than $75,000 in a year
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn now has 5-6 million active job listings on the platform
  • LinkedIn provides access to 9+ million companies across the globe for a user
  • LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages
  • About 80% Recruiters use LinkedIn for Recruitment Activities
 Now, keeping in mind the above facts, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best ever professional networking tool. It's also happens to be the single most productive tool for Jobseekers and employers wanting to connect with HiPro Talents

Don't get us wrong. LinkedIn is not just used for a Jobsearch but rather for multiple purposes. Right from Social Connect till generating leads for B2B/C, LinkedIn dons multiple hats

Recently, we hosted an activity on LinkedIn where we asked our connections to show interest if they need their LinkedIn Profile to be enhanced for a greater visibility. Lo & Behold, the response was overwhelming with hundreds & thousands of members requesting for a profile analysis.

After due analysis of each profile, we taught about penning down our experience for the betterment of Staffio HR HiPro Talents Community who could pick a few pointers from this post

Let's explore a few vital pointers that every Talent should get on top of their to do lists when it comes to a Job Search process
  • The first thing that's going to jump out at a recruiter when they visit your LinkedIn profile page is the "headline" just under your name.
Your LinkedIn headline is important because it tells the world -- including recruiters -- how you see yourself professionally.

If you want to get hired into software development jobs, for instance, you won't choose the LinkedIn profile "Results-oriented professional."

They wouldn't care if you called yourself a software developer, a coder or a programmer but they'd be hesitant to explore your profile if you didn't somehow make it clear that you do software development.

So your number one priority is a clear LinkedIn headline!
  • Your Display Picture is Important, infact very important 
For any position, it's important to have a LinkedIn profile photo that looks like you, looks professional and presents you as someone who could walk into a business job and rock it

Smile for the camera! Say no to selfies
Profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views
  • The third thing to pay attention to in your LinkedIn profile is your Summary.
That's the paragraph or set of paragraphs that appear at the top of your LinkedIn profile, under your photo and above your career history. Use a human voice in your Summary to make it clear right away what you do professionally and either why or how you do it. Don't make your Summary so general that you look like you don't know what you want to do professionally

The worst kind of LinkedIn Summary is the kind that sounds like a robot wrote it, rather than a human being:
"Motivated self-starter with a bottom-line orientation and proven track record of success."
Anybody could say that! Come out from behind the fake-business language and tell your story in your own voice, instead:
"I was a Finance person for ten years before moving into Sales. Now I sell enterprise software to mid-sized businesses by helping them understand how my company's products improve their bottom line."
As you can see, your Summary can either help you stand out as a candidate -- or blend in with the crowd  -- and that's what you don't want to do!
  • The fourth thing to check in your LinkedIn profile is your career history.
  Make sure you've included all the major stories and accomplishments from each of your past jobs.
  • The fifth thing to upgrade in your LinkedIn profile is your Skills listing.
You pick the Skills you want to be endorsed for, and your friends will endorse you for them. Make sure you include every skill you want recruiters to know you possess!
There is a 13x increase in profile views for LinkedIn members that list skills on their profiles
  • The sixth thing that matters in your LinkedIn profile is your education and professional credentials.
Make sure that every certification, training program and professional designation appears somewhere on your profile.

Apart from the above 6 pointers, upload images, presentations, videos and documents to flesh out your profile and let the world know what you've accomplished at your current or past jobs. If you seeking jobs in creatives then you must have a portfolio of materials to share by now.

No matter how much you tweak your profile it's of little to no help if you aren't active on LinkedIn. Publish articles, comment on other posts, like them & share them with your network. Ensure it's a daily routine. Now rite of the sake of getting likes, but write to share your experiences or thoughts.

Put all the above in the armour and you are all set to sail smoothly.

Incase you need a helping hand, Staffio HR is just a click away. Contact Us and well be happy to share our knowledge.

 Happy 2018

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