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Secrets Of Ultra Successful RockStars

It’s easy to look at the latest overnight success and think – “Wow, look at them, so happy, so successful, so free” – and think that something must be wrong with you.  Because even though you are constantly trying to make something happen, you don’t feel successful or energized, no instead you feel worn out with nothing left to give.  If this is the case for you, perhaps it’s not what you are doing to become successful but rather what you are still focusing on to become successful.  Even the slightest tilts of lost focus is enough to shift our context and frame of mind from where we should be headed to instead a completely different one.
So what do those people DO to get through these moments of lost focus?  How do they zero in on the task at hand to become a success?
Perhaps it’s not what they FOCUS on, but rather what they DON’T FOCUS on that makes the real difference.

The Clock Never Stops A successful person will never focus on the clock.  This doesn’t mean they are la…