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Crafting A Leadership Resume

In the new world of executive job search, your “Paper” or Word document executive resume will probably not be your first introduction to recruiters and hiring decision makers. Whatever they find out about you online may be the deciding factor – often before you know they’re assessing you.
Today’s C-level / Leadership / Senior-level resume takes the form of a LinkedIn profile, VisualCV, or online portfolio. Savvy executives know they have to have a strong online identity, leading hiring professionals to accurate, on-brand information about them.
Before dusting off your old resume (if you have one), merely updating it with your latest contributions and career history, and expecting that, when you put it out there they will come, you need to get a handle on today’s resume 2.0 and what part it plays in the new world of executive job search.

If you don’t have a strong online footprint providing them with plenty of on-brand information supporting your value proposition, you’re li…