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9 Ways Super Successful People Always Create Their Own Good Luck

Many think the successful are simply fortunate. But it's how they manage their luck that turns it into success.

Everyone wants to belucky. People often see others who are successful and attribute it to luck or good fortune. Surely some successful people had littlepersonal impact on their achievements. They may have been born into wealthy families, inherited good genes or simply have stumbled onto the right circumstances. But more often then not, people who get good luck handed to them either ignore it or squander it before they can take full advantage.

Supersuccessful people don't need to rely on fate to get to the top. They take their own initiative to bring good fortune to their lives. Here are nine habits that successful people use to make the most of everything the universe throws at them.

1. They turn negatives into positives.

Every incident has polarity. What seems awesome to some can be a burden to others. Super successful people look pragmatically at each pie…

Using Facebook For Hiring ?

With over a billion users, Facebook makes a great tool for sourcing and screening candidates. However for a lot of people it is a platform that they like to reserve purely for personal use and therefore may find it slightly intrusive for a recruiter to check them out on the platform.
Someones Facebook profile can reveal a lot about them as a person and could provide recruiters with information that could be significant in assessing the candidates suitability for a role. Nonetheless it is important that recruiters adhere to the legalities surrounding candidate screening on Facebook.
 Recruiting on Facebook    84% of job seekers have a Facebook profile.    54% of organisations use Facebook to recruit.    Over 18.4 million applicants found a job on Facebook. How does social media affect hiring?    43% of employers research candidates online and a further 12% intend to start.    33% of recruiters found information on Facebook that made them more likely to hire a candidate.    Recruiters …