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#NoTalentCrunch - It's a fact

Every research, every recruiter, every employer stand ground on one fact - There is intense talent shortage and we are unable to hire on time

My question - Seriously?? Are you so lost that you somehow manage to drift away from reality? Have you lost your touch with the Market? Have you been blinded by the fact that everyone around you is saying that, so even i'm supposed to?

Whatever maybe your reason to outline that there is intense shortage of talents, here is the bummer - There are huge talents pools out there waiting for you to tap. Just because your strategies & plans failed doesn't mean it's not there. Either change your approach or be struck with your illusion of Talent Crunch.
There are a few Smart Firms who exactly do what others don't. These firms employ the Best Brains. Few such firms have never complained, cribbed nor whined about any kind of shortages.They have always got their fill rates on time, everytime.
It is ridiculous for employers to whine about "talent shortages" when their own recruiting processes are the real problem. It only takes a moment of reflection to realize that there's no such thing as a "talent shortage." There are a few Smart Firms who exactly do what others don't. These firms employ the Best Brains. Few such firms have never complained, cribbed nor whined about any kind of shortages.They have always got their fill rates on time, everytime.
The only employers who complain about "talent shortages" are the ones so out of touch with reality that they think it's somebody else's problem when they define a job that no living person can perform.
Let's point out some of the ridiculous recruiting practises followed by most of the firms who think they are The Best in everything:

Starting with the basics - Job Descriptions

The reason we craft a JD is to communicate what exactly the potential employee would do. We sure can't cramp the JD with anything & everything. So the logic here says - List out the basic tech skills/experience one is expected to have. The JD should be compelling. There should be a hidden story which motivates a candidate to click on the Apply Button instantly. Rather, the JD's are filled with junk.

ATS: I can it the Blackhole of the Recruitment Industry. It's the single most useless piece of Sh** that's being used. Just imagine this - You have all the said skills, experience, education listed in the JD, you apply to this job and know what next? Your resume is now struck inside a clogged application. The App decides if your resume is a good fit or not. The App takes a call if your resume should be visible to the recruiter or just saved inside the app as Junk. How terrible can this be? An app deciding your career fate.This is a crazy shortcut for recruiters to filter resume.The practice of using keyword-searching algorithms to screen resumes instead of human eyes and human judgment

I have handled mandates for clients who used to command job applicants to fill out multiple online tests and personality assessments before they've even spoken with a human from the company. A huge pool of highly qualified candidates were weeded out in just these rounds. Sometimes i feel such employers are solely existing to demoralize candidates.

Interview Process/Feedback: Many clients that we handle go to an extent of conducting interviews so long that the candidate if joined somewhere else would have completed his probation by then.If an employer is not serious about completing interviews in a week, then that's a solid reason for a company to get back to their drawing rooms and troubleshoot the issues. Why on earth would a HiPro Talent wait for your laid back interview process to complete?  Even after the interview process is done, employers take days & weeks to share the feedback. Most of the times there is none.

Here is a golden pointer - Why on earth would recruiters want to know about a candidate's past salary? How would this piece of info help you in deciding his status? If you cannot assess a candidate's value without knowing what another company paid them, you are not qualified to be anywhere near your company's recruiting function. If you are still, then you are struck in the wrong job.
First & foremost, hire Awesome Recruiters to help you hire Awesome People.
The talent pool out there is massive. Your recruiting team needs a rejig. Your interview process needs to be revamped. If your TA team is below par then what makes you think you would get Talents knocking on your doors. This is exactly why everyone around you (including you) feel there is shortage of talents. First & foremost, hire Awesome Recruiters to help you hire Awesome People.

There is #NoTalentCrunch. Don't get blinded

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