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How To Become Street Smart

Whether it is a classroom, workplace or home. If you want to survive in the fast-paced modern environment, you have to be street smart.

You must know how to manage things at a single go no matter you are a man or woman, kid or adult, old or young. It doesn't even matter how many degrees you hold or how much you scored in your graduation or masters. The reality is everyone is part of a rat race and wants to win it. So, here we share five tips to become street smart.

1. Always be confident: Be confident all the time whether you know things or you do not know. Neither people will have the courage to mess with you nor will they take you for granted. Try to maintain confident posture and good body language no matter you are in office or on street.

2. Don't be afraid to say NO: There are many people around us who could not say 'no' to certain things when they should have said that. They later end up regretting over it. If you want to be street smart you should know when you should say 'yes' and more importantly when to say 'no'.

3. Don't trust everyone blindly: It is very easy to get carried away and believe that everyone around is your well wisher. In present time, everyone is selfish and thinks about his personal gain. People do not eve refrain from making you fool to fulfill their own motives, so do not trust them blindly.

4. Hide your emotions: Do not let other people know how you feel in certain situations or in the company of some people. Try to control your emotions, expressions and body language in front of others, let them speculate what kind of person you are. Don't get nervous easily and try to be calm even in the most nerve wracking situations.

5. Rely on your skills and talent: Ask yourself what is the best thing in you which makes you unique. You must apply that talent or skill to scale high in life. Always remember, people who are street smart are not born in outer space but they know how to utilize their skill and talent at the right place.

6. Be polite and courteous: On many occasions, we get into an argument with someone. In such a situation, we must learn how to remain calm and put a full stop after some time. Try not to speak too fast or too slow. You should be clear and loud enough to be heard by all. Always think twice before you speak as words once come out can't be taken back.

** This post originally appeared on Lifehacker and was penned by Gunja Deo

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