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Hiring to rise by 7% in 2016

According to a recent TimesJobs survey, 2016 is going to be an optimistic year in terms of hiring activity. 

The sun shines bright for job seekers in 2016, with hiring activity on a considerable rise of 7% across sectors. The latest Job Outlook 2016 surveyed over 1,614 employers across India and found out that nearly 60% of the surveyed organizations are looking at increasing their workforce.

The report also highlights that IT, telecom and manufacturing will lead the hiring activity in the market. The survey suggests that nearly 25 per cent of respondent organizations predict high recruitment from IT and telecom. At the same time, 20 per cent of the respondents forecast that manufacturing will be the top employment generator. Over 17% organizations voted for infrastructure and 15% for healthcare.

"With the government’s Digital India and Make in India push, manpower demand is bound to increase in core technology and manufacturing sectors in 2016,” says Vivek Madhukar, COO, He adds that though big enterprises are expected to rule the hiring scene in the New Year, one cannot overlook the contribution of startups in creating new jobs.

“Though 66% of the major corporates surveyed deny any sort of competition from startups in our survey, one cannot overrule the fact that e-commerce and startups will add a significant number of jobs next year. In addition, the focus of organizations on business expansion, selling and branding will fuel the demand for sales, business development and marketing professionals in 2016.” says Madhukar.

According to 26% of the companies studied for the TimesJobs Job Outlook Survey 2016, sales & business development professionals will be the most sought-after, with companies offering premiums for proven performance. Another 25% organizations forecast there will be increased demand for marketing professionals, with those with digital marketing skills commanding a higher premium. For 20% organizations, IT professionals remain the focus area expecting to see the maximum demand.

The most optimistic recruitment plans of organizations point towards hiring professionals on middle-level. The survey reveals that professionals with 2-5 years of experience will see the maximum demand from across sectors. Nearly 68% of the surveyed organizations said middle-level professionals will be the most sought-after demographic in 2016, according to the TimesJobs Job Outlook Survey. Another 20% felt that senior-level talent will see the maximum demand while 12% said entry-level talent will be in demand.

On the gender diversity front, nearly 57% of the organizations surveyed said they are focused on increasing the strength of their women workforce in 2016, highlights the TimesJobs Job Outlook Survey.

Nearly 60% organizations said women professionals will be hired at middle-level positions, 32% said their hiring will be at entry level while 8% will recruit women professionals in C-suite roles in 2016.

Lastly, metros will be the job hubs of 2016 as per TimesJobs Job Outlook Survey. Positive hiring activity is also reported in tier I locations and state capitals. The talent demand trend in tier II and tier III locations is expected to be sluggish.

Nearly 55% organizations said the maximum number of jobs opportunities will continue to be in the metros -- Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. The TimesJobs Job Outlook Survey also predicts that the fourth quarter of 2016 will be most optimistic in terms of hiring activity.

Last year, TimesJobs and Antal Global Snapshot released two reports on the hiring trend indicated rise in opportunities this year. India has shown tremendous growth in GDP despite the global economic slowdown. That being said, the country is a promising place for jobseekers who are looking to benefit from quality opportunities.

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